ApocEclipse 2017

Well, it's coming, it's one week away and we have absolutely no control over it; The Solar Eclipse, Monday, August 21st 2017. It's a once in a lifetime event, this kind of thing hasn't happened since 1918. And this time, Jacky Jones Ford of Hayesville is dead in the middle of the "Total Eclipse" path. What does this mean?? I really don't think anyone actually knows. One thing we do know is that sometime in the early afternoon of next Monday, it's going to get dark, like really dark, like dark enough to see the stars, for a whole 2 mins and 30 secs. CRAZY right?? I know. Now to the tricky part, I mean this a ONCE IN A LIFETIME experience, so people are going to come from all over to be able to see it. Now I don't know how familiar you guys are with our quiet little easy going town, but even on a good day, our population might be 1000 people, and in the summertime, maybe a whopping 10,000 people in all of Clay County. So, according to our local paper, a few magazine articles, and few websites, they are estimating up to 30k-40k people in our area on the day and the weekend preceding. I have even been told that the few hotels in the area are already booked up by scientists and star-gazers from other countries, from across the big water. It's going to be the biggest population impact to hit this area since, well, since ever. Our little country roads 'round here will be gridlocked. We will have enough food? Gas? Lodging? There are some folks that are leaving their houses and renting them out for a night or few. Internet and Cell service may go down, some are even saying to treat your Eclipse Day preparation as a snow day. In other words, It's going to be PANDEMONIUM People!!! Or will it? What if it's raining, overcast and cloudy? Sure it will still get dark for 2 minutes or so, but all the cool little nuances of viewing the Eclipse will be gone. So will the people still be here? Who knows, but no matter what happens, It will be an AWESOME experience. It may turn our little town upside down for a few days, but it will be worth it. I mean just the economic boom for next weekend and that Monday will be unbelievable. Plus the exposure and publicity aren't a bad thing either. What do you guys have planned for ApocEclipse 2017? Let us know in the comments below. And remember, any Eclipse Adventure you may embark on would be even better while driving a Brand New Ford.

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