As an investment, your car, truck, or SUV is very important. It's probably the second biggest physical investment you'll make behind your home. How would you feel if you lost up to 30% of that investment in one day through no fault of your own? Pretty bad! But that is exactly what happens when your vehicle is involved in an accident, even if it's not your fault. Up to 30% of your investment is lost in the blink of a turn signal.  

Accidents Happen - Don't Be Scared, Be Prepared

Approximately 6.2 million vehicles are involved in an accident each year. That's a 1 in 16 chance that your vehicle will be in an accident in any twelve-month period. And no one wants to buy a vehicle after it's been in an accident. Would you?   
Your car insurance will pay to repair your vehicle. That's what it's for. But it WILL NOT protect the value of your vehicle investment after it has been in an accident. Wouldn't it be nice if you could protect yourself from that kind of loss?  

Value Shield Protects the Value of Your Vehicle

That's where the Value Shield Program comes in. Brought to you exclusively by the Jacky Jones Auto Group of Hayesville, North Carolina, Value Shield can protect the value of your automotive investment by providing diminished value protection.   
Diminished value is the term for describing the loss in the value of your vehicle after it's involved in an accident. Value Shield can restore the diminished value of your car, truck, or SUV, giving you confidence and peace of mind when it comes time to sell or trade-in your vehicle.   
And remember, no other dealer in the area offers the value and protection that the Value Shield Program provides. It is a Jacky Jones Auto Group exclusive!  

CarFax and Experian AutoCheck List All Reported Vehicle Accidents

With the rise of vehicle history report services like CarFax and Experian AutoCheck, when your vehicle is involved in an accident, that accident WILL appear on one of these vehicle history reports. This can severely affect your chances of getting the return on your investment when you choose to sell or trade it in. Most vehicle-buyers just don't want to buy a vehicle they know has been in an accident.             

Value Shield Offers up to $10,000 in Diminished Value Protection

Value Shield can work with Jacky Jones to increase the value of your trade-in by up to $10,000. For just pennies a day, you can make sure that diminished value will not happen to you. The peace of mind that brings is priceless.  

Ask Our Team About Value Shield at Jacky Jones Ford of Hayesville, NC


Just ask one of our friendly Finance and Insurance team members for more information on how to protect the value of your vehicular investment from diminished value with Value Shield.   
Jacky Jones Auto Group of Hayesville, North Carolina wants to make sure the value of your vehicle you purchase from us is protected in the event of an accident. Value Shield provides that protection. Contact Jacky Jones Ford of Hayesville to learn more!